Our Services

Technology Services
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) - Our GIS services include Enterprise GIS Implementation, Land Cover Mapping, Utility Mapping, Tax Parcel Mapping - preparing data for computer assisted mass appraisal systems, Road Network Mapping for street navigation systems, Street Centreline Mapping, Contour Digitization for terrain analysis, Orthophotographs Rectification, Flood Mapping & Simulation, Soil and Land Use for Agriculture, Wetlands, Airport, Highway and Rail Mapping.

    Other Services include:-
    - Telecom Network Mapping     
    - Power Distribution Mapping     
    - Waste Water & Wetlands Mapping
    - Gas Pipeline Mapping
    - Rail, Road maps     
    - Centreline Mapping     
    - Cadastre Design & Implementation
    - Municipality GIS
    - Implementation of Enterprise Land Administration System

  • Training & Capacity Building- We offer professional training in the various areas of GIS, Mapping, Surveying & Surveying equipment handling and usage. Our training covers all aspects of application of GIS e.g. The Application of GIS in Homeland Security , The Application of GIS in disaster prevention & management (see our training schedule for details) 
             - GIS Software ( Quantum GIS (QGIS), gvSIG, ILWIS, OpenJUMP)
             - Geoserver, Openlayers,Leaflet
             - Database ( Postgres DB, MySQL, MariaDB)
             - Spatial Database (PostGIS)

  • Bespoke Software Development - We have a wealth of experience delivering enterprise level solutions for both public and private sector organisations. We pride ourselves on building the trust of our customers through repeated successful delivery of complex projects. Offering services at all stages of the project lifecycle from analysis and requirements gathering, through project initiation, design, development, support, testing, deployment, user training and ongoing reviews we enable your organisation to re-invent itself and get the very best from your IT investment now and in the future.

    Some of our bespoke solutions include:
    - Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment System
    - Education Management System
    - Mobile Health Management Solution
    - Mobile Property Identification & Enumeration Solution
    - Mobile Centralised Crime Records System
    - Electronic Central Motor Registry System
  • GIS Data Conversion - GIS data capture is a technique in which the information on various map attributes, facilities, assets, and organizational data are digitized and organized on a target GIS system on appropriate layers.

    Some uses of our GIS data inlcude:
    - Analyzing practical regional / cultural issues, transportation facilitation, hydrographic mapping, vegetation
    - Utility Infrastructure Mapping and Analysis (Power, Water, Drainage/Sewer etc)
    - Transportation Planning, Navigation, Road maintenance etc
    - Land Administration, Taxation, Land Use Planning & Approvals, Development Control etc
    - Homeland Security & Policing, Emergency Response Planning, Border Control, Disease Control etc
    - Environmental & Geological Analysis, Production of Geological Maps, Weather Maps, Mining and Mineral Exploration Maps etc..
  • Topographic Survey - Carrying out a Topo Survey(as its commonly called) requires gathering survey  data  about  the  natural  and man-made  features  of  the  land,  as  well  as  its elevations.  From  this  information  a  three- dimensional  map  may  be  prepared. This usually consists  of  the  following:-
    1.  Establishing  horizontal  and  vertical  control that  will  serve  as  the  framework  of  the  survey
    2.   Determining   enough   horizontal   location and  elevation  (usually  called  side  shots)  of  ground points to provide enough data for plotting when the map is prepared
    3.  Locating  natural  and  man-made  features that may be required by the purpose of the survey
    4.   Computing   distances,   angles,   and elevations
    5.  Preparing/Drawing  the  topographic  map
  • Outsourcing/Managed Services - Our deep expertise is put to play in the professional handling of outsourced projects. Lowering your overhead isnt the only benefit of outsourcing to us. Please speak with our service delivery officer for free advise on maximizing our managed services offers.